You can manage this magical fabric in different ways.
Traveling, going out, having a picnic, etc.. Accompanying you anytime

Magic Wrap

“Just wrap and fold” This wrap skirt does not need string.
Skirt, Loincloth, Stole, One-piece, Blanket, Lap robe, Bunting, Nursing blanket, Wrapping cloth

Simply wrap the skirt snugly around you before folding the top down.

Wearing clothes

This is the wrapping skirt which winds around the body however way you think suits. We want clients to gain our sense of really "wearing" the pieces as if they are skin; perhaps one of the ultimate aim of our clothes. We like our pieces so soft and just lovely to wear. The asymmetric shape is a recurring design theme of the Lunati Canapa style. Please experiment, transform your piece into its various forms, besides enjoying the wear itself.

It has a uniquely comforting fit on the body, unlike other cloth. If buying it by length difference and a different color, its uses are broad.

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Feedback from customer

Mrs.M : Wrap Skirt
I use it to feel that there is several pieces. When it is slightly chilly, I choose to wear it as a stole. When its cold, wind it up a little and layer it at the hip when its cold. In hot seasons, use it as a skirt. Because its usable as a nursing cape, I want other pieces.

Mrs.IW : Wrap Skirt
I traveled to India for 3 weeks with the wrap skirt. The fabric adapted to air-conditioning onboard the flight, the bus, the railroad and the restaurant. It is a pretty style and I made a spectacular showing so that this wasn't also defeated by Sally as a skirt of course. I expect I will continue to use it in the future seasons when it will become cold.