Message from Lunati Canapa

Society is flooded by information and a material culture which we can not properly digest.

The fashion industry has changed rapidly from production to consumption.

Wasted materials are cut, buried and burned.

It makes me very sad for all of the people, material, and wildlife hurt by this wasteful behavior.

I heard a story from a friend who worked as a designer at a big company.

My friend worked hard every morning, noon, and night. She was nearly crushed by stress, working behind the curtain of a glamorous industry. This friend received a lot of money from the company, but finally quit her job.She became distressed because of an imbalance of mind and body.

I heard another story,

about lands contaminated by agricultural chemicals used to reduce costs and raise production. The people who live in those lands suffer skin disease and other illnesses due to these chemicals. Both nature and society are negatively affected by these chemicals.

I understand, of course, that every place and people has its own circumstances. Some cannot, for example, control the quality of life,taxes, laws and social systems. Companies must be responsible for the consequences of their choices.

Knowing this, I want to pursue an environmentally and mentally conscious production system that benefits everyone and makes everyone happy.

Lunati Canapa’s mission…

To create a peaceful community and offer advice about how to live a green life style, together with nature and hemp. I have much work to do, but I have been able to keep my clothing line Lunati Canapa in production because I have this purpose.

It is Lunati Canapa’s sincere desire to have a heart-to-heart relationship with our customers. So people can feel moved and warmed by our products.

Wear the earth

It is my wish to help everyone live elegantly and lithely every day.

I believe hemp is a bridge that connects us to nature.

I hope sincerely that everyone will be at peace and be happy.

Lunati Canapa Representative & Designer

& All the staff