We use traditional Japanese methods to make our "baby-safe" organic fibers.

  • ムービー

Original 生地

Original fabric

We collaborate to produce Lunati Canapa fabric with yarn from TAISHOBOSEKI Industries, Ltd and Wataya, Llc. It is unique and extra-special knit texture of hemp and “Supima” cotton. We use a blend of hemp grown in Belgium, while the Supima organic cotton is the authenticated “Supima Organic” raw material grown in New Mexico, America. Supima Organic is the most high-quality extra long staple in the world of cotton. The high quality of the yarn is without parallel in the world, as this specially manufactured blend's gage at 28/1 is the optimum thinness for the hemp blending process. Please feel the comfort of our original fabric and its innovative properties on your skin. Keep cool while you enjoy the sun's warmth! And stay warm in cooler places while wearing our garments.

Fabric type A : Bare jersey ( Original )

Organic cotton 72%, Hemp 24%, PU 4%

Fabric type B : Jersey ( Original )

Organic cotton 60%, Hemp 40%

Fabric type C : Bare jersey

Organic cotton 53%, Hemp 44%, PU 3%


Treatment method

Treatment method [How to wash]
  • Please do not use the bleach.
  • Please do not wash colored clothes and white clothes together.
  • Hemp is strong and simply the less washing the better! This way, the softness will keep longer. Washing this way preserves the goodness of natural materials and we hope you’ll enjoy your garment to its optimum.

How to wash

  • Reverse garment
  • Use a gentle detergent and wash in the hand-wash or washing machine. When you use the washing machine, it is good to place in a laundry net.
  • The direct sunlight is avoided and it's dried in the shade. Do and don't need a dryer.

LunatiCanapa ルナティカナパ