Wear The Earth

Wear the Earth - 地球そのものを身にまとう -

Our Concept


Wear the Earth - 地球そのものを身にまとう -


ルナティカナパ のウェアは 地球の恵みをそのまま纏うことで、着る人そのものの輝きを引き出し、より自然体になっていくサポートができることに軸を置いています。



Wear the Earth
Treat yourself to wearing garments that express “who you are now” and “who you are today” by their design, color and fabrics made of plants that help bring positive energy. Like with food, your daily choice of clothing is a special way to care for yourself.

LunatiCanapa believes that by wearing clothing created from the blessings of the Earth, the natural brilliance of the wearers themselves can shine. Supporting the empowerment of our customers is our most important product concept.

If you can enjoy the feeling of being part of nature by wearing our garments, we would be delighted.

We hope those who wear LunatiCanapa garments will be filled with energy and radiance by merging with the Earth.